Patient Testimonials

Courtney S.

Dr. Dawson has helped my health so much! It’s the best money I have ever spent.

For two years, I was having about two migraines a week. I would have to lay in bed because my headaches were so bad. I would take every kind of pain relief medication, but nothing would work.

After a few visits with Dr. Dawson, they went away. I haven’t felt this good in years. I haven’t had a headache for months now. Also, my posture has never been very good. I’m able to stand up straight with ease. I would highly recommend this doctor. He’s great to work with and makes you feel comfortable while he’s working with you

Jeanne H.

I have had scoliosis my whole life. I also damaged several discs and broke my neck. because of those issues, it had caused significant pain, little sleep and spinning along with sciatica and horrible hip pain most of my life. 

The day I went to NUCCA as skeptical as I was, the correction began to change my life forever. I no longer have that pain, my spine though x rays have come back at least 80% corrected! I was told years ago I could be in a wheel chair at 60. I am almost there and more limber, flexible than I've been in many years, and my sciatica is gone! It tortured me for about 15 years. This has been the most influential modality for my neck issues and entire spine than any other I've ever tried or researched, and I've done them all! 

I would recommend Dr Dawson to anyone suffering with issues, even inner ear and eye problems that don't correct with glasses, babies who struggle after delivery with vomiting and won't nurse well. They come back far less fussy, sleeping way better and much happier! I have watched seizures change with this modality as well. 

Thank you, Dawson for serving the hundreds that come to see you!!!

Mark N.

Dawson provides an effective and legitimate treatment for back pain. After going through test after test at my local doctor with no results or relief I found Craig Dawson and had immediate results.

 I can now ski, ride my bike, and enjoy my active life again.

Been going to Dawson now for over 6 years. No joke this treatment protocol works

Jana  N.

After a fall and concussion, I was in need of help. I had gone to the U for a CAT scan, MRI, hearing tests and was told basically that nothing was wrong and suggested I try balance therapy.

 It was quite by accident that I heard of Dr. Dawson and decided to give NUCCA a try. Not only did it help but Dr. Dawson really cares. He will fit you in and make time if you are in pain. He genuinely wants to help you feel better.

 I can't say enough good things about him and honestly don't know what I'd do without his help. He gave me my life back.



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