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Jodi B.

Major Health Problems: Loss of energy, weight gain and knee pain.                                  

After having a bio-meridian done by Stacey, I went home having a new outlook on my health. I’ve never been a prescription medicine believer, but have tried to take vitamins and herbs I thought I needed.

After one week of taking the Standard Process supplements Stacey recommended, I felt energized for the first time in months. After 2 weeks, I lost 10 pounds, started sleeping less and the pain and swelling in my knee was gone! I feel amazing and now want to get my whole family in here.

Julee S.

Major Health Problems: Autoimmune disease, digestive issues, hair loss, no libido, allergies and neck pain.        

When I was first introduced to NUCCA, I had a host of health issues. After my first three corrections I was relieved of my neck pain. I was intrigued with the bio-meridian system that was recommended to identify and expose the major organs and bodily functions that were stressed or weakened in my body.

Stacey administered my first bio-meridian and it was amazing! She understands the body and its need for proper nutrition and whole foods and was extremely helpful in helping me see very clearly exactly what I needed to do to continue improving my health.

At the time my body and organs were very stressed and weakened. I knew that if they were not attended to, they would eventually deteriorate to a diseased and ill state.

I began taking Standard Process whole foods and have been vigilant in feeding my body exactly what it needs to heal itself. Standard Process has changed my life!

I have now had several bio-meridians. I’m in excellent health and feel like a million bucks! My husband is especially happy since my libido has now returned.

All of the illnesses I’ve been plagued with have either been eliminated, healed or have become manageable! I honestly feel like a new woman! I will forever be grateful for Stacey and all she has done.

Tamara B.

I have had headaches for several years and had been to several doctors and tried just about everything. Since my very first treatment, I have had multiple treatments and huge success in the NUCCA experience.

A couple of months ago I needed a little extra something to get through a rough period of odd flu like headaches and stomach burning. I had a meeting with Stacey and she suggested a couple of items for me to try in the supplements. That was on a Wednesday night and she told me to call her if I did not have any response by Saturday morning. She kindly gave me her cell number and told me to call her anytime. Saturday morning I called with great news! I was feeling great.

Stacey instructed me to continue on these supplements for about six weeks. During that time frame I continued to contact her if I ever had additional concerns or questions. She is always so helpful and takes the time to discuss my issues (even on her non-office days). I feel like she goes above and beyond that you don’t see in professional people anymore. I have continued to call her for advice and she always takes time to listen to me. I appreciate her kindness and friendliness. Stacey is my own personal little angel. Everyone in this office makes it a pleasure when I come in for my visits. Glad you are all in my life!

Moroni D.

Stacey is an angel in disguise. After one day with Standard Process supplements, I am feeling better! Her knowledge rocks, I feel calm, and I have no heart palpitations. I am feeling awesome! Thank you so much!


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